ONE FOR ALL COFFEE + DESSERTS is run by husband & wife. We have been telling each other that “let’s do what we want to do for lifetime” which made us to decide to start our journey in Hamilton, Ontario.

The husband has been working as a barista for years, Not only he enjoys drinking coffee, he believes that coffee connects people to people which he thinks what coffee makes much more attractive.

The wife has always wanted to become a pastry chef since she was young, As she bakes cake and bread as a hobby, she found herself enjoying baking & being a lot more passionate in baking than her actual job. She decided to leave her job just to work as a pastry chef and follow her husband onto her new adventure in Hamilton, Canada.

Our goal is to introduce many varietals of specialty coffees & Asian inspired pastries made with our recipes and provide cozy environment to give you exceptional experience and become your daily coffee shop where you can simply hang out & relax.